Passive Components


エレクトロニコン Electronicon GmbH (Gera, Germany)
Introducing Electronicon Capacitors for power electronics; Dry film capacitors from Electronicon replace electrolytic capacitors in the inverter for longer lifetime and greater reliability. Electronicon Product

Passive Components


エルド AUXEL FTG (Gondecourt, France)

Insulated and laminated multi-layer busbars

Auxel Busbars
The main objective of this high-tech product range, based on extremely thin insulating material and on a specific bonding process, is to optimize the electrical parameters and constraints (inductance, skin effect, creepage distances…). AUXEL has the expertise to guarantee this optimization over a wide range of the functional parameters (current, voltage, frequency, …) and the applicable constraints (reliability/partial discharge, thermal and space issues,…).
Application Examples: IGBT / Capacitors link, DC link, power and measuring components interconnection, ...

Vehicle Components

Joysticks, Float Switches, Sensors etc.

Safety Components

Proximity Switches, etc.

エロバウ Elobau GmbH (Leutkirch, Germany)
Elobau created in 1980 a new component family, tractor switches. The first member was a plunger operated gear box switch incorporating a reed contact. With the advent of electronics being more widely used on tractors, sales of this type of components increased dramatically. The technique of reliable low level switching enabled Elobau to extend its area of activity to include may different tractor manufactures, and the product range has been considerably expanded with ever more complex components.
The results of this experience can be found in Elobau' selection of standard products that fulfill the very high expectations of the tractor and off-road machinery industry. In addition, Elobau is always prepared to consider the development of products if those have the potential to fill a need in the market.
Elobau ProductElobau Product
Elobau ProductElobau Product