Cable Measuring Solutions
Aesa AESA Cortaillod (Switzerland)
Solutions and Expertise for the Cable Industry
30 years of experience in the cable industry allows AESA Cortaillod to offer you the benefits of its skills and complete solutions for testing and quality control of telephone and LAN cabling as well as power lines or coaxial cabling. Acknowledged leaders within the sector, AESA is here to help you run your business with maximum efficiency by offering you only the most productive solutions.

AESA offers a full range of test systems for cable producers, which can be divided in three main fields:
LAN and telecom cables :
  • Automatic systems to measure all low and high frequency parameters:
  • RCKE, attenuation, crosstalk, impedance, transfer impedance, LCL, etc... up to 2 GHz.
  • Automatic systems for measuring insulation resistance and execution of high voltage tests.
  • Automatic coaxial cable measuring systems.
  • Powerful software package with integrated database management.
  • Power and installation cables :
  • Resistance and cross-section meter for aluminium strands up to 1200mm2 and copper strands up to 2000mm2.
  • Wire and conductor resistance bridge for up to 500mm2.
  • Integrated Quality Management software CIQ 3.0 :
  • Modular and open architecture, efficient data acquisition, flexible configuration, all features are designed for easy set-up and training.
  • Aesa Product

    (10kA ~ 500kA)

    Dynamp Dynamp LLC. (Columbus, Ohio, USA)
    Current measurement from 10kA to 500kA
    The leading global electrical measurement technology provider for electro-industry.
    Over 40 years of innovation combining real world know-how with advanced technology to provide the most advanced & reliable high power measurement and analysis systems.

    With more than 300 systems in service in Japan, Dynamp made high-current systems have been the market leader for as long as high-current rectifiers use diodes and thyristors. Today's replacement systems boost 0.1% accuracy and latest technology such as optical fiber based systems are available.
    Dynamp Product

    Test Equipment for power semiconductors
    Lemsys Lemsys

    Test Equipment for power semiconductors, 1 A to 10kA, up to 12KV.

    LEMSYS is a leading supplier of Test Equipment and associated Services for Power Semiconductors discrete devices and modules.
    Associated to the creation of the IEC 60747 standard, LEMSYS is, since 1972, the reference for dynamic and static parameter measurements of Power Semiconductors. The prime calling of LEMSYS SA is to develop, produce and bring to the market high quality electronic measurement equipment, devoting particular attention to the customer's total satisfaction in the production of quality products while safeguarding the environment.
    Lemsys Product

    Rogowski AC Current Probes
    PEM Power Electronic Measurements Ltd "PEM" (U.K.)

    AC Current Probes from 300mA up to 500kA / 50MHz

    The CWT Rogowski current probe is suitable for measuring AC currents ranging from 300 milliamps to hundreds of kA from below 0.1Hz to >50MHz, Insulation Voltage up to 10kV peak Several models are available, eg. with coil size down to 1.7mm cross-section for TO-220 package measurements (CWTUM), with frequency up to 50MHz for SIC power semiconductors measurements(CWTMini50HF) etc.

    Inquire us with a description of your measurement challenge and we will help you select the best product adapted to it.
    Pem Product